Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group offers career counseling services for those who are in need of assistance before and during their job search. We can help you transition into a new career and provide you with guidance along the way. It is our duty to lend a helping hand in the areas you feel unsure about. Our career change counseling services include assistance in education, emotional and psychological readiness, negotiation and leadership skills, geographical setting, networking tips, business plan and goal setting. We want you to land your dream job; therefore our staff will provide you with the expertise and confidence it takes for you to reach your goals.

If you have had a change in your life due to lack of interest in your field or current career, divorce, company downsize or maybe even empty nest, this is your chance to explore new career options. We will provide you with a career change advisor who will work with you one on one in a comfortable, professional setting. If you need further assistance such as building your resume, we can refer you to expert career change coaches who truly care about your success and wellbeing.

In order to obtain a positively satisfying career, you may need job change counseling. Our advisors will help you identify your skills and interests as well as examine your personality traits to further understand what fields may be the best fit for you as an individual. You may find out that you have a few hidden natural talents that have been underutilized for a long time. Our experts will focus on elements that are important to you such as your sense of meaning and/or purpose in the workplace, your ideal workplace environment and the harmony between your goals and values as it relates to certain rewards in the workplace. It is important that we provide you with the best tools possible so that you can achieve your dream job. Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group is the forerunner in innovative and effective career design programs. It is worth the small investment in yourself to achieve a lifetime of professional and personal satisfaction.