Divorce proceeding is one of the most stressful time in ones’ life, and it makes it even more difficult when children are involved. Families may find the entire divorce process overwhelming to handle due to the emotional, psychological and financial aftermath. Family divorce mediation can be used as a valuable tool throughout the divorce resolution to alleviate and avoid some of the stress, family disruption and the financial burden caused by it. A licensed, experienced family mediator is assigned to the family and it is their job to assist in communication, encourage understanding and focus on the individuals’ collective interests. The family mediator neutrally works with each party to assist them explore options and alternatives, in order for them reach a joint decision and ultimately reach common marital settlement agreements. Through mediation, couples can also handle children specific needs such as a parenting plan and child support.

The mediation facilitation is cost effective, efficient, voluntary, neutral and confidential. It is conducted in a non-adversarial manner to prevent the parties from having a court ultimately decide what is best for them and their children. Both parties have a neutral third party family mediator assisting them in solving family disputes. In order to reach an amicable divorce settlement agreement based on their wishes and desires, a collaborative approach method is utilized to provide our clients the best family mediation services in Miami.

At Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group, our mediators are motivated and dedicated to helping our clients resolve their family disputes in a guided non-adversarial professional environment. Our goal in this center is to assist families transition and adjust well after their divorce is final.