The decision to file for divorce can be painful and stressful, leading to a very difficult period of time for families. For some, a divorce has been described as a similar experience to the death of a loved one. Because of the possible disruption in the family, it’s important to assess and become educated of what a divorce can mean for both the individual and the family. Couples may want to consider pre-divorce and post-divorce counseling to better help them navigate through the difficulties that may arise. The process of divorce requires proper planning, communication and follow-through. If done incorrectly couples may experience hardship during this process because of costly legal fees.

Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group offers cost-effective pre and post divorce counseling to help avoid high legal fees and to assist couples resolved their differences in a collaborative way. Sometimes couples even find that through this counseling process, they are able to communicate better which allows them the opportunity to try to work things out. Nevertheless, it is strenuous to go through this process alone and not always possible or helpful to discuss details with friends or relatives, who may be inclined to take sides. At Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group, divorce counselors can even draft temporary separation agreements if the couple decides to take some time apart to think about the divorce before proceeding. Pre-divorce counseling services can be a great alternative to avoid future lengthy court appearances due to co-parenting disagreements if not planned properly. Further, pre-divorce counseling also allows the two individuals to develop a team approach and an amicable relationship during the process, regardless of their differences that can continue with this mindset once their divorce is final.

If children are involved, the need for parental education in what is best for the children throughout this process is imperative. Our counselors can draft a parenting plan, which will dictate individual time-sharing, holidays, vacation and any joint decisions that will be split going forward. Couples can often lose sight of what is most important for the children during the divorce process. We help our clients explore and practice collaborative ways to work as a team when it comes to raising their children. These techniques often prevent post divorce court visits or any further counseling, co-parenting coordination, and attorney fees.

If you are considering a divorce, you may want help with divorce mediation. Zoe’s Divorced Happily Group has the best resources in Miami and can offer you the support you and your family need during this stressful time. Let our experienced counselors guide you through this procedure and grant you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.